Revolutionary health insurance for the marine industry.

IYBA Care is a revolutionary “Association Plan” and one of the first of its kind in the world. Pioneered and built from the ground up by the maritime health insurance company SGRM and underwritten by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, we have developed six plans that deliver health solutions to meet your needs. In addition to IYBA Members, MIASF, ISS, YBAA, and YPY can now enjoy vastly lower “group rates” that they would usually only find as part of a large company or corporation.


“From the beginning, IYBA has made its mission one which provides the highest quality and most meaningful benefits to it’s members. From legislative efforts to real world tangible cost savings devices, we are here to serve our members. IYBA Care is a “First of its Kind” benefit that allows members to realize significant savings on premium health care insurance offerings. A legacy carrier, BCBS has crafted a program for our members to have affordable and comprehensive coverage for themselves and their families at better rates than available individually or in most small group plans. You owe it to yourself to check out IYBA Care and start saving today!”

- Paul Flannery, Executive Director of IYBA


IYBA Care Highlights

The framework of our plan is built upon the principle cornerstones of delivery that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida’s members have some to expect from their health plan:

  • The broadest access to care, with stable, high performing networks.

  • The lowest total net cost, offering affordable, flexible and customized health solutions.

  • Outstanding local presence; unequaled national and international coverage.

  • Strong, proven financial strength - rate “A+” by Standard & Poor’s and “A+” by A.M.

  • Best industry-leading, personalized care and wellness programs encourage members to get the care they need.

  • Decisions support tools and programs, encourage your members and their families to make informed decisions.

  • Available innovative incentive programs reward your members and their families for taking steps toward healthier lifestyles.

  • Fully integrated medical and pharmacy programs ensure the best medical outcomes possible and offer members the best value for their health care investment.

  • Monthly prescription out of pocket maximums.

  • Coverage for active members ages 65 and over.

  • Nationally recognized member service assures you that your members have the help they need.

  • Freedom to choose from a variety of providers.

  • Deep discounts and no balance billing.

  • Long-term relationships with 99% of network hospitals.


All Marine Industry Professionals until June 15th

Originally this health care plan was only available for IYBA members, both established and new members. We have opened up the window for MIASF, ISS, YBAA, and YPY members to join in order to ensure we reach the quota needed to jump start this program.

Non-Florida Residents in the Marine Industry

If your members travel outside of Florida, they have the power of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield brand behind them. The BlueCard Program gives them access to the participating providers of independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield organizations throughout the United States and around the world-coverage that travels with them. And for BlueCare HMO, our Guest Membership program allows eligible family members living in certain areas outside of Florida to enroll in the local plan.

International Maritime Members Traveling to the USA

SGRM can provide health insurance coverage for IYBA members who travel abroad on business and for international members looking for coverage while they are in the U.S.

How to Enroll


There are two different ways to enroll:

  1. You can fill out the application form on our website. Click the button in this section to get started now.

  2. You can download the enrollment form via the link here. After clicking on the link you can download the form and save it to our computer. After saving the form it will be a fillable PDF. We only the need the fields highlighted in blue. E-mail the form to

    Enrollment forms are reviewed and entered the same business day. An email is sent confirming receipt of a complete form (or requesting to complete the missing information) the same or next business day.

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